Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Trying out the Comfort Short

I've been using Inset 30's since I started pumping. Once I got over the fear of the introducing needle, I learned how to put on a new set without too many tears.

The one thing I couldn't get used to was the sound of the insertion device snapping. I'd wince every time I heard it. Line up the little plastic feet against my skin. Adjust the angle. Adjust it again. Take a deep breath and get ready to squeeze the trigger buttons. Wait. I didn't do it. Take another deep breath and SNAP! Wow, that's loud. Way too loud. Scares me silly every time. SNAP! Knowing it just jabbed that long needle into my flesh was bad enough. The SNAP sent me around the bend. There had to be a better way.

After I use my Inset 30, I reach in the center of it with a needle nose pliers and pull out the plastic needle. I toss that plastic bit in the sharps container and recycle the rest of the freaky little race car. I have hyperacusis from myasthenia gravis. The little muscles that move the bones in my ears get weak. When that happens, the entire world is way too loud. Sound hurts. It's like someone put in earbuds with the music full blast. Only, it's every sound everywhere and there is no escape until MG decides to move somewhere less annoying.

I needed to change my set. The eeeeee-eeeeee-eeeeeee of my pump rewinding was so loud I left the room. I couldn't deal with the SNAP from the Inset 30. So, I looked inside the Inset 30, and discovered I could rip the needle and the set loose from the insertion device. This left me with a long needle with an unused set still attached. I fumbled around a bit, and discovered I could put in a set without the insertion device.

It was quiet. It didn't hurt as much because the needle wasn't pushed into my skin with a spring loaded SNAP. After I taped it in place, I realized maybe I should look into a different set. My next order was the Comfort Short.

From Here

This picture from Animas makes the set look less intimidating. Flip the set over and the needle is a lot longer. Still, once I got over the fear of sticking that long needle in my skin, I found I like the Comfort Short.

There are two differences I've noticed.

1. The connection from the tubing to the set is not universal. There is only one way to connect it. Flip the connector upside down and it won't click in place. This is different from the Inset 30.

2. The tubing is more opaque, and the texture isn't as smooth. The plus side? My cat doesn't seem to like chewing the tubing.

The Comfort Short is not for the needle phobic. There's nothing between you and the reality of a long needle going into your skin. But, you can go at your own pace, and there's not a loud snapping noise. I think it's going to work well for me. YDMV.

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