Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Feeling Older

It's not my birthday, but I'm feeling older today. Maybe it's because I'm waiting for my first pair of bifocals. I ordered them on Saturday and now I'm waiting for the phone call telling me my glasses are ready. I'm looking forward to getting them. I can't see my insulin pump screen. Unless, I drop my insulin pump on the floor, then I can see it just fine.

I had one of those frightening, "Is that a six or an eight?" moments when I was trying to bolus. The difference between 6 units of insulin and eight is a high waiting to happen. Or an epic low. I can't see my pump and it's driving me crazy. It's also scaring me because I can't tell if I have 80 units left in my pump or 20 units right now. When did the print get so small on my screen?

My cats were neutered and spayed last week. The surgery went fine, and everything is going perfectly with their recoveries. However, in the office when it came time to write the check, I couldn't see what I was writing. I feel like I have drops in my eyes from the eye doctor and everything up close is fuzzy, only it doesn't go away.

I'm getting older. My nephew is getting married in August. Thinking about this is making me happy, and amazed. My hair is turning salt and pepper. My hands have wrinkles. It's weird to watch this happening. It's wonderful to watch this happening.

I was seven days shy of my 29th birthday when I found out I had thymoma cancer. Instead of scheduling a 29th birthday party, I was scheduling a sternotomy and resection. All I wanted for my 29th birthday was a 30th birthday. Now I'm old enough to need bifocals. I'm aging. I've lived long enough to show signs of aging. How wonderful is that?


  1. I'm right there with you... got my first pair of "progressive" lenses (bifocals without the line) last summer. For a few years, I was putting on my glasses and taking them off depending on how far away something was. Now I'm glad I don't have to do that all the time, and I can see small print way better now. Good luck!

  2. How do you like your new glasses? Tom

    1. I love them. It's neat being able to see to write a check. I'm still learning how to manage the bifocal at the computer, but... yeah, I like them. Thanks for asking.

  3. I love this, Marie. Your last paragraph has so much power in it. :-)



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