Monday, January 20, 2014

Google Contact Lenses?


Google develops contect lens glucose monitor: ​This undated photo released by Google shows a contact lens Google is testing to explore tear glucose.I saw the Google contact lens glucose monitor. At first, I was like, Bionic Robot Eyes! Cool, sign me up. But, then I started wondering...

1. What about accuracy? Yesterday my meter said 205 but Dexcom said 97.

Which is right? What do I do? Correct or eat a snack? I need the right information and it frustrates me when I can't get it. (In case you were wondering, I washed my hands and re-tested and got 111. When in doubt, wash hands and retest.)

2. What about when I'm sleeping? My Dexcom wakes me up and beeps when I'm too low, or too high. That below 55 alarm has saved my life.

3. What about driving? What if a distracting alert happens in my lens when a kid runs into the street after a ball?

Those were three serious concerns I had right away. But, even if all those questions were answered, these lenses would still give me the heebie-jeebies.

The idea of wearing these things make me seriously paranoid.

First off, these lenses are being made by Google. Not a pharmacutial company, but by the people who created Google Glass. What is preventing Google from putting something else in these lenses that transmits information about how my blood sugar is doing to an unknown third party?

Following that paranoid rabbit hole a little further, would these lenses be able to spy on me? From what I understand, Google is planning on integrating technology that relays information from the lens to my smartphone. How do I know what else is being transmitted? Are the lenses sensing what I'm seeing? Products I buy? What I'm watching on TV?

I know it's tinfoil hat territory, but it is also the world we live in. I choose what I put online. Could these lenses be used without my permission to monitor my habits and record the data?

Google provides information. Not just useful information for me, but useful information for advertisers.

Alert: Client XJ0461 just surfed for information about glucose tablets, try to sell her diabetes swag, quick!

Client XJ0461 gets side bar ads for meters, pumps, and strips, and diabetes treatment plans...

This has happened to all of us for years. It happens so often we put ad blocker on our computers so we don't notice being tracked. This is why the Google glucose monitoring contact lenses give me pause.

Imagine I have wireless lenses in my eyeballs that are transmitting data. My eyes lock on a cookie. I reach for the cookie, and...

And ten members of the food police show up at my house. "Warning! Warning! Warning! Our sensors indicate you are about to eat a cookie."

Or, maybe ads for cookies will flash on my contact lenses. Or cookie ads will show up on my iPhone. Hello there, Marie. We noticed you like cookies. Try our soft, delicious chocolate chip cookies. They're made with 100% natural spyware.

Yikes! There is something very creepy about wearing lenses that transmit data from my eyes. It feels like something out of a spy movie and I'm not sure if I'm the hero, or the dupe. So, I'll go ahead and stick this tinfoil hat on my head and say it... Yeah, I'm a little paranoid about the Google glucose monitoring contact lenses.

Truthfully, I don't even like the camera on my laptop staring at me. I struggle against the urge to cover it with tape, because even I know that's just crazy. Although now that I'm thinking about it, the little hairs on the back of my head are standing up.

Someone is watching me through the iSight camera.
Relax, no one is watching you. You are so damn boring they would fall asleep.
Someone is watching me.
No, they aren't.
They are! They are! I just know it. AHHH! Shut it down! Shut it all down, pull the plug and stick the computer in the garage!

Given how I feel about the camera on my laptop, I can't imagine wearing contact lenses that transmit data, any kind of data. It's too freaky for me.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to poke my finger, bleed on a test strip, and check my number. Then I will proceed to bolus and devour a chocolate chip cookie while I am 100% certain no one is watching.

C is for Cookie that's good enough for me...


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  1. I share some of the same concerns as you. When I heard of this, my first (or maybe second) thought was "How is Google going to data-mine this to their advantage?" Because, in my mind, that is the sole reason for their existence. Sadly, I've lost lots of respect for them lately.

    But the kid running into the street while a light blinks in my eye is something that I hadn't considered before -- and it's a very serious concern. I'm glad you brought it up.



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