Monday, November 11, 2013

What The Fructose?

This morning I woke up and my fasting BG was over 200. What the Fructose? My morning BG is never that high. I got an insulin pump because of serious dawn phenomenon that couldn't be managed with Levemir or Lantus.

Dawn Phenomenon is a rise in blood sugar that occurs between 4 and 8 AM.

From the American Diabetes Association:
"Between 4 a.m. and 8 a.m., the body increases the production of certain hormones. These
natural body chemicals suppress the activity of insulin, a hormone that transports glucose
into cells to use for energy and reduces blood sugar levels.

The hormones include:

Growth hormone
Epinephrine (adrenaline)

These hormones trigger the liver to release enough glucose to give the body the energy
to wake up. In non-diabetic people, the body responds to the excess glucose that
accumulates as a result of this process by producing insulin. The insulin then moves the
excess glucose into the cells. However, people with diabetes either fail to produce insulin
or cannot properly use the insulin that is available. As a result, glucose continues to rise
to abnormally high levels (hyperglycemia)" 

Since I got my insulin pump I have never had a fasting blood sugar over 200. Until today. What the Fructose is going on? I looked at my insulin pump tubing a little more closely and saw little punctures in it. What could have caused something like that.

Suspect A: Sunshine Smith


Or was it Suspect B: Fresh Air Smith


I took these mugshots this morning. Sunshine is fascinated with my insulin pump tubing, so I'm thinking she is responsible. Either way, they have the right to remain adorable. Any infractions will not be held against them. They have the right to be kittens and I'm the dummy who let my pump get too close to their little kitten teeth. 

I sleep with my insulin pump stuffed inside a stuffed ladybug. Tomorrow night I'll have to secure the tubing a little better. Speaking of better, I'm doing better. Adding two lively kittens has ruined my sleep, but improved my mental health, and that is making all the difference. Joy!

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