Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Low Blood Sugar Response Squad

My kittens have made up for munching through my insulin pump tubing in a big way. Last night my Dexcom went off with the 55 low alarm. I'm a deep sleeper. Sometimes I sleep through Dexcom alarms. I wish there was a Shrieking Banshee mode, an alarm so loud it would wake the neighbors, but I would sleep through that, too. The 55 low alarm didn't wake me up, but it did wake up Fresh Air and Sunshine.

My kittens climbed on me and that woke me up. They started meowing and walked around my head until I sat up. Both kittens stayed with me while I treated the low, which took about half an hour. Low blood sugars at night scare me. Being low is disorienting any time of day, but being jarred out of sleep makes it worse.

Fresh Air and Sunshine stayed with me the whole time. They were my low blood sugar response squad, and I was so glad they were there.


  1. Awesome. My cat tends to follow me around when I'm low, and he looks at me funny. Or maybe I'm just imagining that. Glad everything turned out okay.

  2. That is so sweet!!!! My old cat sometimes used to meow and meow if I feel asleep on the couch, and when I woke up and tested I'd find I was low. He died a few years ago, and the cat I have now doesn't seem to detect my lows at all. But she is the perfect little cat in every other way. ;)



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