Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Pizza Bolus and my insulin pump

cheeses,fast foods,food,pizzas,slices,unhealthy,mealsAh, pizza. It's delicious. It's also one of those super tricky foods to manage with diabetes. Too much insulin up front and I'm low, then six hours later my BG is way too high. I've been trying to figure out the optimum dose for myself.

Turns out some scientists did some experimenting, too. Here's some research about how to bolus for pizza.  Does an eight hour bolus sound like a good idea? Has anyone tried it? If it works for you let me know.


  1. 50/50 over eight hours? I'm usually more like 80%/20% with a 2 to 2 1/2 hour spread. That tends to work for me -- but provided the 80% is how many carbs I "think" the pizza has, and 20% are the ones I know I'm going to forget.

    But all pizza is different. We tend to look at crust and fat, but I feel like the sugar is hidden in the sauce, and that varies from pizzeria to pizzeria.

  2. I'm pretty freaked by the idea of an 8 hour bolus myself. That just seems like playing with fire. Thanks for reminding me about the sugar in the sauce! I never thought of that!



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