Thursday, April 18, 2013

Flooding in Chicago

It rained over 5 inches last night. Our backyard used to look like this.

Now it looks like this.

That stone slab marks the spot where our neighbors buried their dalmatian Veronica's ashes. The slab is knee high.

A local foot bridge over the DuPage river is now an aqueduct. Every river in our area is flooding. It's a mess everywhere. A few blocks from here cars are still floating. Right now I feel very lucky that aside from our roof leaking in a few places, we made it through just fine.


  1. Wow...I hope that, by now, the water has receded and your yard is back to normal (and the roof is repairable). Does this happen often where you live? There are areas near me that are very flood-prone and their yards (or basements) filling with water is a common experience. It's crazy...

  2. It almost never floods here. All repairs have been made and the mess has been cleaned up. All in all we got quite lucky. It is unusual for it to flood around here. I feel badly for my neighbors. Their basement flooded and then the sewer backed up. They had to go to a hotel. People all over town are throwing away furniture and cleaning up. It's quite a mess.

    On the plus side, the lakes and rivers that were almost emptied by last year's drought are full.



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