Wednesday, March 13, 2013

And What Caused Your Blood Sugar To Spike?

My blood sugar is rising at the speed of sound. I didn't eat something strange. No, I didn't forget to bolus. I was getting ready to take my daughter to work, so I got my sneakers from the boot tray. I was thinking about making pot roast for dinner as I untied my sneaker. I put my right foot in the sneaker and felt something odd by my toes. It was soft and squishy, like a balled up sock.

Or a live mouse!

I yanked my foot out of my sneaker and a mouse bolted out of my shoe and raced down the hall. I let out a yelp that if you listen closely you can probably still hear. I flung my shoe. It's still on the floor where I left it. Too freaked out to drive, Steve took Evelyn to work.

I'm still freaked out. The mouse is somewhere in the house. My blood sugar numbers are on a roller coaster ride. A reminder once again that high blood sugar is not always caused by food. Sometimes it's stress. OK, I am calming down. I need to go to the store to buy a pot roast and a new mouse trap.

Our old mouse trap, Cyclone, just got himself fired.


  1. YIKES! Oh man - that totally freaks me out!

  2. We have a mouse somewhere in the house at the moment too. I'll be checking my shoes much more carefully from now on!

    Between you and me, I think Cyclone is a conman...or should that be concat? I don't think he had any intention of chasing mice.

  3. Actually, I was being unfair. Cyclone is a spectacular mouser. He caught his first mouse at 6 months. If our other cat Neptune saw a mouse she would yawn, look at me and say, "I see you got yourself another pet."

    It's only a matter of time before Cyclone gets that mouse. He's been stalking it for days. I did set out a few mouse traps. And yes, dump your shoes. I always will for the rest of my life.



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