Friday, December 21, 2012

More Insulin For Less

When I started pumping with XPU (eXternal Pancreatic Unit) I changed from buying insulin pens to insulin vials. Every month I got two vials. Sometimes I worried about running out. The feeling of sucking out the last drops of a vial makes me sick to my stomach. Especially when I can't get a refill for another two days.

This month I realized something. There are 2,000 units in two vials. Two boxes of insulin pens are 3,000 units.

Since my prescription was about to expire I wondered, what if I filled my insulin pump using pens instead of vials? That way I would have more insulin for the same co-pay.

Filling my pump cartridge from a pen was easier than using a vial. All I did was tug the plunger down twice like always. Instead of filling the cartridge with air afterwards, I simply stuck the needle in the insulin pen gasket. With no air in the cartridge, I dialed the insulin pen to 60 units and pushed the button. Insulin forced the plunger up as it filled the cartridge. I repeated this until I filled my cartridge. Best of all my cartridge didn't get as many bubbles.

Having plenty of insulin in the fridge is a comforting feeling. Especially today. Doomsday. Oh noes!

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  1. If it's the same insulin, I think it's a brilliant idea!



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