Wednesday, September 5, 2012


True confession time. I confess that I suck at carb estimating. Unless the box, wrapper, or packaging has a carbohydrate count printed on it, or I weigh my food with a scale, my blood sugar looks like a roller coaster.

Sometimes I think I have done a great job estimating how many carbs are in something and I discover just how wrong I was. That night I had too much snack and not enough insulin. So, the next night I decided I was going to do better. I had the same snack. I estimated the carbs again.

That 55 with two arrows pointing down wasn't what I expected. I had too much insulin and not enough snack. I sat in bed wondering if it is possible for me to get this right. I got pretty down on myself.

The connection between accurate carb counts, accurate insulin doses, and my blood sugar looking stable is not lost on me. I've done it before.

I just wish I could do it all of the time. I confess, my name is Marie and I suck at carb estimating.

Today I paid closer attention to my carbs and did the math more accurately. I didn't estimate anything. I'm sitting here with a BG of 107 and feeling pleased with myself. It is true that I suck at estimating how many carbs are in a given food. Knowing that about myself is helping me think ahead. When I cook I am keeping track of carb counts in the whole meal and then dividing the answer by the number of servings. I am not good at estimating. That's OK. I'm good at problem solving and today that matters.


  1. Accurate carb counting is one of THE hardest parts of diabetes management. All we can do is the best we can do, right?

  2. Dont be too hard on yourself. It's def not an exact science. And sometimes even if you count right, your bg could go haywire because you are sick or stressed or any other number of factors. All we can do is to be diligent in our efforts!



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