Thursday, August 9, 2012

A Whole New Angle

After several bent cannula disasters and rapid high blood sugars, I got frustrated with XPU the pump. My blood sugars were all over the place. Maybe this pump wasn't such a good idea.

I wondered if I should go back to multiple daily injections. I was getting dressed and I forgot to disconnect my pump. So I yanked my pump set because my tubing was 23 cm long. Yanking my pump set leads to bent cannula disasters which leads to Dexcom double arrows up in the middle of the night.

So I did some thinking. Maybe straight sets aren't working for me? I wonder if an angled set would work better. Dexcom is angled after all. And what about tube length? Should I try a longer tube? I talked with Animas and got sent a few samples.

I unwrapped my first Inset 30 set. I took one look at the introducer needle and freaked out.The cannula is 13 millimeters. The introducer needle is even longer. That is one long needle! The last thing I wanted to do was stick that in my body. No way!

I freely admit the Inset 30 scared the pants off of me. Maybe this angled set idea wasn't so smart. I read the instructions. I read them again. I surfed the internet for videos of people inserting the thing. It took me a few hours to work up the courage to pull the trigger and fire that scary long needle into my skin.

One. Oh man. I can't do this. Wipe sweat off forehead.

Come back try again. One. Two. Oh no! Oh #$%! Deep breath!

One. Two. *Wince* Three. Squeeze the buttons... SNAP!


That's it? That didn't hurt. What was I worried about? I changed my set and got my pump refilled with insulin. I'm getting faster at this. I don't feel like I have oven mitts on my hands anymore. Filling my pump is as routine as tying my shoes. Practice may not make perfect but it sure makes things easier.

It's been a week using angled sets and longer tubing. I think I've fallen back in love with my insulin pump. My numbers are good. I'm glad I decided to give my pump another chance. Right now I'm looking at pumping from a whole different angle.

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