Friday, July 27, 2012

Technical Difficulties

The Dexcom read 71 with a rapidly falling blood sugar. My meter read 152. Which is right? What do I do? I sat there laughing at my technology for a while. At least one of these devices was completely wrong, but which one? Could it be both devices were wrong and my blood sugar was really 124?

I tested and re-tested. Dexcom fell to the 60's while my meter stayed almost the same. I Tweeted my conundrum and got some replies from the DOC. Maybe split the difference? Dexcom buzzed again. It took me a while before the obvious solution came to me: Search your feelings, Luke. Forget what the meters were telling me. What was my body telling me?

My heart was beating faster than normal. I felt sweaty. I felt a little hungry. I felt that odd empty sensation in my chest that I get when I am going low.

I felt... Low. 

I counted out 15 Skittles and treated for a low. Fifteen minutes later my heart wasn't pounding. I didn't feel sweaty any more. The empty odd sensation was gone. Maybe Dexcom was right and my meter was wrong? Maybe my meter was right and my Dexcom was wrong? I'll never know the answer, but I think I learned an important lesson. My own body trumps technology. Next time I get ambiguous readings, I'm going to shut my eyes and tune in to how I feel.

A few minutes ago my Dexcom read 111. I tested. My meter read 111. W00t!  Thank you for your patience. We now return you to your regularly scheduled life.

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