Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Freckles Three, Leave Them Be

When I was a Girl Scout I learned to recognize poison ivy with this rhyme: Leaflets three, leave them be.

 This picture of poison ivy provides visual verification for the rhyme, 'Leaflets three, let it be.'
This is poison ivy. Knowing what it looks like is half the battle. Three leaflets growing together on one stalk. Touch it and you'll be sorry.

I learned another rhyme a few days ago, it goes like this Freckles Three, Leave Them Be. I have three freckles in a row on my tummy. The first time I put in an insulin pump set, I put it right next to the row of three freckles. When i went to change my set, I got a gusher. What a mess! Ten paper towels and still bleeding. That was my first ever set change. Needless to say I was pretty nervous the next time. But, nothing happened.

Since that time I've moved my set all over the place without incident. A few days ago, I returned to the spot with the three freckles. I put my set in and instantly knew something was wrong. It's not supposed to hurt like that. The rest of the evening my set got more and more painful. I couldn't sleep that night so I got up and yanked out the set. And got another gusher.

That's when I saw the three warning freckles. Freckles three, leave them be. That's not a good place for an insulin pump set. If I remember my rhyme, hopefully I won't have to deal with another gusher. I'll be glad when the bruise heals. But, at least now I know what to avoid.

Does anyone else have a way to avoid bad sites?

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