Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Zombies, RUN!

This evening it looked like I was walking my dog. I had my leash and poop bags, walking shoes and my iPod. What I was really doing was evading hoards of zombies.

Obviously, I can't run. But, that doesn't matter. The game can be played while walking. I'm so glad. Right now the daily walk is crucial. It lowers my blood sugar and strengthens my leg muscles. I don't know if the daily walk will prevent MG from attacking my leg muscles, but it can't hurt. I won't give in to MG without a fight. Every time I go for a walk I'm fighting diabetes and MG. I might as well fight off zombies, too.

Zombies, RUN! has transformed my daily walk into an adventure. I  walk and listen to the story and when zombies are detected, I walk faster. Undead fiends growl in my headphones. I quicken my pace. I tell my dog to hurry and she trots beside me until the danger is over. Zombies evaded. Whew! More than once I have looked over my shoulder, expecting to see a real zombie chasing me in the local park.

It looks like I'm walking my dog. In reality I'm Runner 5 and I'm on a vital mission from Able Station. Oh no! Warning! Zombies detected! RUN! (Or in my case, walk away... fast!)

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  1. I love it! Amber downloaded it a few months back but I haven't tried it. Guess I'll have to check it out. Wonder if we can coordinate our walks - safety in numbers right?

  2. Be careful. The zombies are real. RUN! Just... RUN!



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