Thursday, May 10, 2012

Weight Loss?

Hello. My name is Rex.

Great Dane Picture, also called German Mastiff, Danish Hound, and Gentle Giant

I used to be a massive 200 pound Great Dane. But then I went on the fabulous new Weight Trimmer’s Diet Plan and look at me now!

(Results not typical)

That’s right! I lost 193 pounds in just six weeks. It was so easy! I ate half a teaspoon of delicious Weight Trimmers Dog Food and I ran on a treadmill for a mere ten hours every day. All of that hard work paid off. Now I am small and yappy. I mean, happy. I always knew I was really a Chihuahua trapped inside a Great Dane’s body. If I can do it, anyone can do it! Weight Trimmers Dog Food. Try it today!

(Results not typical. Rex is a paid spokesdog. Average weight lost on Weight Trimmers Dog Food is 1.5 pounds. Rebound weight gain occurs in 98% of dogs who try it. Weight Trimmers Dog Food may cause anal leakage, vomiting, vertigo, heart palpitations and lead to an early death.)


For some odd reason no one tries to turn a Great Dane into a Chihuahua. But how many of us have tried to diet our way into a completely different body? I have. I've also noticed something about genetics. Adoption studies have determined that biology determines weight more than you'd expect. As an adoptee I can tell you I don't resemble my adoptive parents but when I met my biological mother it was like looking in a mirror. If mom and dad are tall and thin, chances are you're tall and thin. If Mom and Dad are short and stout, chances are you're short and stout, too.

Maybe it’s time for us to recognize that human beings come in different sizes. Maybe we need to focus on exercise and eating healthy foods instead of trying to shrink our size. I can't guarantee I'll lose a single pound, but I can guarantee I'm eating better and exercising more, and that matters.

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