Tuesday, May 8, 2012

TSA Breaks Insulin Pump

On Monday I'll be using an insulin pump. I've got an appointment with the Animas pump trainer and all systems are go. About a month later I'll be flying to Boston to visit my dad and step-mom. I've heard plenty of TSA horror stories, but this one scares me.

We need a better system. I understand why she felt intimidated by the officers. They're in charge and it's hard to stand your ground and argue with an adult when you're 16. It's hard for me to stand my ground, too. I'm already nervous about flying to Boston even though it's more than a month from now.

I'm not looking forward to a TSA groping before getting on the plane to see my dad. But, I'd be devastated if XPU was broken by the scanner. I'm thinking about disconnecting my pump, putting it in a clear zipper bag inside my medical supply bag and handing the whole thing to the security officer for a hand check. In the mean time I'm looking for a DO NOT X-RAY sticker for my medical bag.

 Flying is stressful enough. Choosing between being groped or having my pump broken doesn't make me  happy. Does anyone have any ideas on TSA and insulin pumps?

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  1. all your supplies can be x-rayed, just not the pump itself. and they won't hand check it likely. if there's a line without a scanner, try to get in that one. if not, tell them you need a patdown and be firm! it's not that bad. i've not had any terrible experiences with the tsa. you'll be ok! :)



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