Friday, May 25, 2012

Pumped about my pump

It's been almost two weeks since I started using my pump. I'm stunned how quickly it became part of my life. I thought I'd feel weird being attached to a tube, or that the pump would be annoying. Instead I can't feel it at all. The pump is lightweight and just stays in my pocket. At night I zip my pump inside a stuffed ladybug. I set it right next to my hip and fall asleep. I can roll over on it and I don't wake up. I was worried about that when I started pumping.

I have woken up with lines on my arm. The tubing makes impressions in my skin. They go away quickly. Before I started pumping my only experience being connected to a tube were IV's. IV's aren't comfortable. My veins are scarred inside from way too much chemo. My fault. I was an idiot. I refused a port until I destroyed my veins. IV's hurt and I was worried the pump would be uncomfortable. It's not. It's about as uncomfortable as a hair ribbon. Even when I roll over on it it doesn't pull or wake me up.

I have yet to have a close encounter with a doorknob or a drawer handle. I think it's because my pump is brand new I'm being super careful. Maybe being super careful will become a habit?

Um... no. I'm still me. Absentminded as ever and feeling fine.

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