Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Priming My Pump

I'm not quite pumped yet. In the past several weeks I've had meetings with assorted medical professionals. All of them taught me skills I will need once I start using my pump. Today was the final meeting. Some time this week I'll be meeting with a trainer from Animas and starting on insulin.

Before I start using insulin in my pump I'm getting ready inside. I've already tweaked a few settings on my meter. I got into the Ezmanager software and added some foods to the database. I don't need for my meter to tell me how many carbs are in a serving of garbanzo beans since I'm not going to eat them. Ever. As soon as I started playing with the database I could tell the Favorites menu is going to come in handy.

Tonight I put the battery in my pump and listened to Fur Elise. After five notes I knew this song would drive me nuts. On a piano Fur Elise is a lovely melody. It sounds terrible on my pump. Hearing it once a week would be too much. This evening I spent a few hours creating new melodies with the Ezmanager software. Now my pump plays The Imperial March from Star Wars and the theme song from Doctor Who. These will make me grin because they are sooo me. I'm waving my dork flag high!

While I was changing things around I felt like I personalized XPU. She's my pump. She's going to be with me all day every day. I want to feel good about this change in my life. I'm looking forward to waking up with a blood sugar under 100 for the first time since I was diagnosed. I'm looking forward to getting rid of Levemir shots at bedtime. After playing with XPU all evening I'm looking forward to starting my pump this week. Until then I'll keep priming myself on the inside.

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  1. now i wish my medtronic pump could play those songs!



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