Sunday, May 20, 2012

D-Blog Week #7 -- Diabetes Hero

Today's topic: Let’s end our week on a high note and blog about our “Diabetes Hero”.

I have several diabetes heroes. If you have diabetes, or love someone with diabetes, and you blog about your life and experiences, you are my hero. I learned so much from reading blogs. I didn't even know what a Dexcom was until I read about it on your blogs. Now I have a Dexcom and it saved my butt on Friday.

I came home from walking the dog and decided to go out again. I glanced at my Dexcom and saw 60 with an arrow pointing straight down. I felt fine but decided I'd better check. My BG was 57. I almost went for a walk with a BG of 57, and I didn't even know I was low. If it hadn't been for Dexcom warning me I'd have been in big trouble. So when I say you are my heroes, I mean it.

On Friday night when my BG was on a roller coaster I reached out on Twitter to the DOC. I felt supported and understood, even when my unstable BG made me shake and cry. I don't face diabetes alone. There are people who know what I'm going through and their support made a big difference on Friday. Jeff Neitzel , Renée Grier , Julie Persinger   and my dear friend Beatriz Domínguez thank you so much for helping me through a hell of a night. You're heroes to me.

My medical staff are all heroes, but this week one of the CDE's did an outstanding thing for me. Barb Kopleman got a saline start on an Animas Ping at the same time I started my insulin pump. She went through all the steps with me, even though she didn't have to, just to know what it's like to use a Ping. Barb is a Type Awesome and I'm glad to have her looking after me.

Diabetes sucks. Thanks to my heroes it still sucks, but I can deal with it anyway. That matters to me.

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