Thursday, May 17, 2012

D-Blog Week #4 -- Fantasy Diabetes Device

There are two. One would be a magical spatula that turned high carb  and high fat foods into low carb and low fat foods without losing the taste. That would be awesome! Flip the bacon over and suddenly it has as much fat as a lettuce leaf, but still looks and smells and tastes like bacon. Mmmm bacon. With just a flip, caramel banana nut pancakes instantly have 15 carbs. Mmmm caramel.

The other device I would like would be a scanner app. Scan my plate, and the app calculates the carbs and sends a message to my pump. Scan. Beeeeep! This meal contains 42.9 carbs. That would rule.

Until then I'll just keep cooking with my regular spatula and stay away from caramel banana nut pancakes. At 130 grams of carbs per serving I'll pass. But bacon? I think I'm gonna cook some. Now.

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