Wednesday, May 16, 2012

D-Blog Week #3 -- One Thing To Improve

One thing to improve? Just one? I'm a work in progress and a lot of things need improvement. Still, if I got my report card and one thing was circled in red pen it would be losing stuff. I need to work on keeping my diabetes stuff in ONE place so I don't lose it.

My supplies are in the laundry room closet. Since I started pumping I've taken over a whole shelf. I know where my pump sets are and Dexcom sensors. All of my things are organized. It's the meter, strips, and pricker that I struggle to keep track of. I used to keep them in the ugly black pouch that came with the meter. Then Bea (@crankypancreas) and I were at Walmart. We found these little bags.

I got one for my meter, strips and pricker. There's even a zippered pouch inside for alcohol wipes and lancets. I am organized enough to keep my supplies in the bag. What I need to work on is knowing where the bag is.

Did I leave it in the living room? No. Is it on my desk? No. Where is it? Is it in my purse? No. Wander from room to room. Ten minutes later I'll find it hanging on a door knob in the back bedroom. Why is it in here? Oh, that's right I shooed the dog out of here and I must have set it down.

I do this all day long. I hate that about myself. I set things down, walk away and they vanish into another dimension. I was the child who lost her mittens. I'm an adult who loses purses, keys, wallets and diabetes supplies. I have even misplaced a cello before. I set it down and forgot where it was. My mom always said I would lose my head if it wasn't attached to my shoulders. She was right. It's still true. I need to work on losing stuff.

I knew I didn't want an OmniPod because I would lose the meter remote and not be able to bolus. XPU is attached to me. One big reason I love my pump is because I can't lose it. I used to not be able to find my insulin pen all the time. Drove me crazy. I hate losing things.

I need to work on having ONE place I return my cupcake bag to after every time I use it. Or I need a paging device to attach to my cupcake bag. Then I can make it beep until I find it. I like pagers. I use my husband's phone to call my cellphone when I can't find it. I use Find My iPod when I misplace that, too. I wish I could page my meter. It would make my life a lot easier.

If you know of something that can help me out with this, will you let me know?


  1. They make keychains with sensors that communicate with a little remote for people who misplace their keys all the time. You could clip one to your cupcake bag and then page it with the little remote...but this would entail not losing the remote, heh :)

  2. Maybe I could superglue the remote to something. Like my forehead? Good idea though.

  3. I think your suggestion of finding one spot to keep it would help. That's what I do with my glucometer! :)

  4. I finally trained myself to put my headphones in a cup beside my bed at night. Maybe, just maybe, I can train myself not to lose my meter. Maybe. Hopefully? Doh! Good ideas. Thanks!



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