Monday, May 14, 2012

D-Blog Week #1 -- Find A Friend

This is my first year participating in Diabetes Blog Week because of course this is my first year living with diabetes. It's been difficult making all the adjustments but made much easier by reading so many blogs. If you have diabetes and you blog all I can say is thank you. You all helped me make the transition from terrified newcomer to mostly confident D-blogger.

 As I'm thinking about friends I've made this year I am grateful for the chance to meet face-to-face with these bloggers:

Mike Durban

Mike Hoskins

Jeff Neitzel

Bea Dominguez

Not only have I found online connections, but I've made them in the real world. Mike, Mike, Jeff and Bea have made life with diabetes easier. I have to live the D-life. I don't have to live it alone and that matters to me.

On a side note, I met with Jill from Animas and had pump training today. The meeting went from 2:30 to 5:30 and I'm wiped out tired. I honestly don't think I can learn any more. My brain is full. It was worth it, though. I'm now pumping insulin with XPU my eXternal Pancreatic Unit. Bye Bye pens and hello technology!

So far? I'm amazed. Amazed at my pump and at the kindness and knowledge of the DOC. Let's keep blogging and sharing what we discover along the way. Our efforts matter. I wanted to say that as we begin D-Blog Week together. And I wanted to say thank you.


  1. congrats on the XPU (love the name!). i love d-meetups, congrats on having so many already!

  2. Wishing you and XPU many happy days -
    As far as your dblog friend list - there are few better than those you shared.



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