Thursday, May 31, 2012

Close Encounters

Close Encounters of The Doorknob Kind

It was inevitable. I've been trying hard to keep my pump tubing tucked under my shirt, but I am still me. Wow did that ever hurt! But, apart from the set change gusher and the close encounter of the doorknob kind, I still love my pump.

One thing I like about using a pump is it keeps a record of every bolus. More than once I have sat down to eat and wondered, "Wait, did I remember my insulin?" I always was afraid of giving myself two mealtime injections. Now I can check my pump and look at the time of the last bolus. Having one less thing to remember is a huge relief.  Diabetes didn't change me into someone else. I'm still just as absentminded. Now I can be absentminded and safe at the same time.

Also, this is my 100th Post! YAY! When I started blogging in January I wasn't sure if I would like it. I wasn't sure if anyone would read it, either. Nearly 8,000 page views later, I'm humbled and happy. Thanks everyone for visiting my little spot in the blogosphere. All of you have blessed my life.

My life has changed a lot since January. I've met some of the nicest people both online and in person. I've learned a great deal about managing diabetes. I have gained confidence. I can handle having diabetes and MG. I can do this!  Just as soon as I unwind my pump tubing from the doorknob.

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  1. Welcome to the pumper's world. You are no longer a fledgeling.You have truly arrived! LOL!

    We've all been here at the doorknobs, MINE happened at work. Good thing I keep a spare set in the boss' office :-)



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