Sunday, April 15, 2012

WEGO Health Activist Writer's Challenge Month - Day 15

I'm participating in the WEGO Health Activist Writer's Month Challenge. Today’s topic: Writing style.

When it comes to blog writing, usually the title comes last. What comes first is just living my life. As I go through my day I make internal notes about what might make a good blog post. Did I have an epic fail? Like gluing my hand to my Dexcom insertion needle? Did I have an epic win? Like getting a Dexcom? Some experiences become blog posts as they happen.

Writing is a game for me. I've always had an internal narrator inside my head. I first became aware of this narrator when I was six years old and mailing a letter. I made up a story about a little girl mailing a letter, while I was in the process of mailing a letter. I was aware of my internal monologue and entertained by it. That narrative voice is with me everywhere I go. She's making observations, noticing sequences and patterns. She's recording bits of conversation for story dialogue. My internal narrator pays attention to everything that happens.

In the book Writing Down The Bones, the author Natalie Goldberg said, "Writers live twice. They go along with their regular life, are as fast as anyone in the grocery store, crossing the street, getting dressed for work in the morning. But there's another part of them that they have been training. The one that lives everything a second time. That sits down and sees their life again and goes over it. Looks at the texture and detail."

My writing style is fluid and unplanned. I usually know where I want to go, but the details of the journey are unknown to me. Writing is an act of discovery in that way. I write like planning a trip from Chicago to Atlanta. I know the route we're going to take, but what will be encountered along it is a mystery. The mystery is what drives me to keep writing. What's coming next? I don't know. All I know is I'm on the road to find out.

When I reach the end of what I wanted to say, I edit and polish. Then I push the Publish button. Today marks 5,000 visitors and 64 posts. Thank you all so much for visiting my new blog. Knowing you're here and reading along lifts my spirits high every day. 

This post was written from a blog prompt for April 15th  from The Health Activist Writer's Month Challenge at WEGO Health.

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