Thursday, March 1, 2012

Low Blood Sugar Is Weird

Low blood sugar is weird. Sure there is the list of common symptoms, but I'm discovering diabetes is anything but that predictable. When I was first diagnosed with diabetes I assumed I would never experience a low. It's kind of hard to imagine low blood sugar when your meter reads 287. The idea seemed ridiculous.

Now, not so much.

What I didn't expect, and what that list didn't tell me, was how variable low blood sugar can feel. There are times when I feel shaky, sweaty and hungry and I know I'm low. Then there are times when I feel perfectly normal, test and find out my blood sugar is 62. Even stranger is how I feel symptoms of a low more distinctly when my meter reads between 80 and 70. If it goes lower than that, I don't feel anything.

OK, for my family's sake, I will take that back. Sometimes I feel like my evil twin Eiram exchanged places with me. Eiram is angry about everything. She could pitch a fit over a dropped napkin. I don't like this person. Fortunately sugar makes her disappear faster than a vampire hides from garlic.

Other times I'll burst into tears for no reason. This is particularly embarrassing in a grocery store line. The emotional reactions startle me inside. I am always aware I'm getting upset for no reason. The problem is I don't always connect the dots and test my blood sugar. That's why I am so grateful for the Dexcom buzzing and beeping. It's still new to me, and we're making friends.

I inserted my first sensor and didn't pass out, run away crying, or wet my pants. I think, given how much of a coward I am, that calls for a celebration. And since Dexcom says I'm low, I'm getting myself a treat. Ooh, ice cream. Yum!

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