Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Tip For Dealing With Double Vision

One of the more irritating symptoms of MG and other conditions that affect our eye muscles is double vision. Seeing two overlapping images gives me a headache and makes me dizzy. The medical literature all says the same thing:
  • "Wear an eye patch. If you have double vision, using an eye patch can help relieve this problem."
Yes, an eye patch relieves the problem of double vision -- by exchanging it with this problem:

 Going out into public while wearing an eye patch isn’t easy. Truthfully, sometimes an eye patch turns into a rude comment magnet.
  • Is it Halloween already?
  • Ahoy there matey.
  • Have ye seen Cap’n Jack? Tell him I be looking for him.
  • Do you have a parrot?
  • Are you really a pirate?
  • Arrrrggh!
Those things get irritating way before they get old. Bandaging one eye guarantees every other person you meet is going to ask, “What happened to your eye?” This doesn’t work either.

So, how do you stay incognito while patching an eye? I’ve found covering one of my glasses lenses with Vaseline helps. A thin coating of Vaseline is enough to occlude vision in one eye, but from a distance no one can tell. It also washes off easily, so you can blur the other lens and give your eye a rest. If you don’t wear prescription glasses you can get glasses with clear lenses in them here

Oh, and by the way, of course I be a real pirate! Shiver me timbers it's time for a mug o’grog!

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