Monday, February 6, 2012


I had a stressful weekend. A long term freelance writing project spun out of control and dragged me along for the ride. 

I’ve discovered that stress makes my blood sugar do strange things. On Saturday it shot up from 113 to 228 and beyond. The rocketing blood sugar made my head throb. But, what really scared me was the throbbing inside my eyes.

Before I was diagnosed with diabetes I noticed my vision was getting blurry. Down right crappy, actually. I needed new glasses, but I put it off. Now I’m glad I did. My vision was blurry due to high blood sugar. That was the first thing I noticed when my blood glucose started coming back down. My blurry vision got much worse for a few weeks, but then it all cleared up. A tense feeling inside my eyes also calmed down.

Over the weekend, stress made my eyes ache inside. Not like MG hurt them. But, I did have blurry vision from the high blood sugar. I’ve already lost my eyesight once. I don’t want to lose it again. The pain inside my eyes scared me.

My blood sugar rocketed up and stayed up, despite my best efforts at bringing it down. I tried playing on the Wii Fit, meditating, drinking green tea. I tried walking the dog. None of my efforts reduced my blood sugar below 167.

Stress makes me feel out of control with my entire life, not just diabetes. Myasthenia Gravis gets aggressive when I’m stressed. Stress can trigger myasthenic crisis. Stress really is a killer.

I knew I had to do something other than whirl around in angst. I talked it over with people I trust. I did some gentle stretching. And I’ve taken steps to reduce the stressful problem into something more manageable. Sometimes saying no is the best option. My blood sugar is calming down. MG is also calming down. I’m watching the fish swim around in the fish tank, and remembering to breathe.

When you are stressed what are your favorite ways of calming down?

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