Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Low Blood Sugar: When Fifty Ain't Nifty

Last night while I was sleeping, my blood sugar dropped below 50. I know because my Dexcom recorded the drop. Unfortunately I didn't wake up. Instead I woke up a few hours later feeling sweaty and confused. My blood sugar read 112. Dexcom no doubt alarmed about the drop but I didn't hear it.

I'm grateful Dexcom was there to record the drop. That will give my doc information on what to do next. But at the same time it is pretty scary to know I can drop that low and sleep through it.

I had my Dexcom on the dresser next to my bed. Steve suggested getting an MP3 holder that joggers use and putting my Dexcom in that and wearing it to bed. Then when it vibrates I'd wake up. It's either that or train the dog to respond to the sound.

 Honey is an aging service dog. She does alert to myasthenia gravis balance issues before I fall, but with low blood sugar her alerts are hit or miss.

Do any Dexcom users have any suggestions on hearing alarms at night?


  1. I shared this on my FB wall, and a friend had this to say...

    "I know some people put the receiver in a glass cup so it will rattle. Sarah doesn't wake to anything so when she was using the Dexcom she either slept with us or with a baby monitor so I'd hear it."

    Hope it helps, some. :)

  2. Hey, that is a great idea. I knew I could count on the #DOC. Thanks Lizmari.



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